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Comprehensive Managed IT Begins Here

Calloway Computer Services

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Calloway Computer Services offers the most extensive managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses and organizations in the Western North Carolina area. Cyber Security, network security and backup security are crucial to maintaining a profitable business and Calloway Computers will monitor and maintain these critical areas with no compromise.  From IT support services, business email, network security, to computer and laptop screen repair, Calloway Computers can make sure your business technology is up to date and running efficiently.  Other than hardware, software, and communication solutions to protect and secure your network, you can be assured your business will have no unprofitable downtime. With this in mind, Calloway Computer Services can adapt and conform to any situation or demand, because in today’s IT world we can confidently say we are ready for today and tomorrow’s IT challenges.

Calloway Computer Services

IT Support Services

Needing help finding the right technology that fits within your budget? Calloway Computers will help your company find the best hardware and software solutions for your business and train you in its operations. Calloway Computers can provide consultation to small and medium size businesses, specifically, to meet your technology needs. First, we consult with you to make sure we understand your business infrastructure so we can identify and offer a resolution plan to any issues your network may have. Second, we’ll evaluate your current systems to make sure you can get the best value out of your existing investments. Lastly, and most importantly, we recommend not just the best equipment or software in the industry, but the best IT support services, strategy and implementation to get your business optimized and running efficiently.

Cyber Security

Integrity, confidentiality and availability of information is what every company strives to achieve.  Accessing that information without costly interruptions means constant revenue flow.  Recovering from hard drive and power failures in an acceptable time is paramount in today’s business world.

Onsite Service

There are times when a business needs technical assistance on location, such as, hardware repair or replacement. As a computer repair and network support company we specialize in onsite computer support for the Western North Carolina area. We offer the best and most affordable rates for all your desktop repairs and network consulting needs. This includes but is not limited to network security, server management, data recovery, hardware repairs, virus removal, laptop screen repair, Mac support and much more.

Computer Repair

Have you ever been sitting at your PC and all of a sudden your PC stops responding, monitor flashing, mouse and keyboard does not respond or the PC just shut-off? As bad and frustrating as it seems there is support and assistance just a phone call away. Calloway Computers offers independent computer repair services, which makes an excellent choice for many common PC repairs like laptop screen replacements, damage from liquid spills, data recovery issues and more. Bring your computer or laptop into our office and we will diagnose and recommend a solution that will leave you convinced you came to the right place. So, begin today by contacting us.

Web Services

All successful businesses need a solid foundation. Whether you are building a home, skyscraper or an IT infrastructure having the right tools and setting a solid foundation is imperative. Likewise, a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website can provide the cornerstone your business needs to provide that foundation.  A well advertised website is like having billboards all over the world. In addition, a website that has been strategically and thoroughly thought out can aid in boosting your company’s expansion by opening a window to market your business to clients yet untouched.




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