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We know how important your time is to you, so if you are looking for fast, reliable and affordable onsite computer services, you have come to the right place. We troubleshoot, diagnose, maintain and repair all PCs (DELL, HP, Compaq, IBM, Sony, Acer, Gateway, Alienware, etc.) and Apple products. We will respond promptly and we’ll have you back in working order either the same day or the next day in most cases, because we know how important is for you to have your PC running.

Most computer repairs can be completed within one to two hours. Onsite services include but are not limited to:

  • Computer “Tunes-ups” & Preventative Maintenance Computer Diagnostic / Troubleshooting
  • Virus, Worm, Spyware Adware Removal
  • Wired and Wireless Networking Implementation & Maintenance
  • Computer / DSL / Cable Internet Setup
  • Computer Backup and Migrating to New Computer

Does your computer have one of the following problems: slow performance, Internet Explorer errors or lockups, excessive “pop-up” advertisements, home page has changed, email or Internet access a lot slower, etc? Then it’s possible that your computer is infected with a virus or it has been got invaded with spyware and adware and immediate virus, adware and spyware repair is needed to remove the virus and/or spyware and adware from your computer to ensure both the privacy of your files and that the virus does not infect other computers.


  • Need help setting up your home wireless network?
  • Need to make sure no one is able to see your data?
  • Having wireless connection issues?
  • Still connected to your router via wires?

Call us today and get a your wireless network setup today!




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